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"I want a Herman Miller Aeron chair"

I'm 5'-10" and on the cusp between size B and size C. Anyone have a recommendation as to which is most comfortable for my height and where I could pick one up? I want PostureFit (not the lumbar pad) and full arm adjustment and tilt limiter controls.

wanted by: mitch (317) in Wellesley Hills, MA 02481 +
updated on: Aug. 17, 2011, 12:10 p.m. (8 years, 7 months ago)
posted on: March 3, 2011, 12:05 a.m. (9 years ago)
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What size Aeron chair should I get? A better size chart than Herman Miller's.

a better Herman Miller Aeron sizing chart

What size Aeron chair should you get? Check your height and weight (in pounds).

When I got my Herman Miller Aeron chair at a dot-bomb sale after the first bubble burst, picking an A, B, or C size was the most difficult decision. Herman Millers's official sizing chart for the Aeron chair is filled with gray areas, requiring you to eventually have to find a selection of their chairs to sit in to determine which size is the best.

Recently, as I was shopping for a second Aeron chair (this one for my wife), I found a clearer, more definitive sizing chart from They claim to have used the experience of fitting over 50,000 clients to Aeron chairs and have developed their own simplified sizing chart.

Basically, what they have found is that if your are 5'-10" tall or more, or have an inseam of 30" or more, you need a size C chair. From 5'-3" up to 5'-10" you are most likely a size B or maybe a C if you weigh more than 170 lbs. For those of you from 4'-10" up to 5'-3" you are most likely a size A or possible a B if you weigh more than 130 lbs.

This reference is particularly useful to help select a chair size when the three sizes are not available for you to actual sit in. Height and weight are used here as key indicators of suitable chair-size choice. Since the chairs are not returnable after purchasing from HM, you need to take great care in your sizing.

OfficeDesigns also notes that this reference "does not have clearly delineated lines at the extremes of height and weight because people may well find a size that suits them perfectly even if their exact height or weight in not represented here."

Good luck with your shopping, and sizing. You and your back will love the Aeron chair, it's definitely the best office chair that I've ever owned even if it does have some bad karma stains from Web 1.0 ;)
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Aeron Ergonomics Chair Price & Options

Aeron Chair with Aluminum Frame - Size C
Aeron Chair with Aluminum Frame - Size C
Price: $1,199-$1,399
Aeron Chair with Black Pellicle Mesh - Size B
Aeron Chair with Black Pellicle Mesh - Size B
Price: $699-$1,099
Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair
Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair
Price: $79-$109
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More information about how much an Aeron chair costsHow Much Does an Aeron Chair Cost?

How much does it cost?

A new Herman Miller ergonomic Aeron chair costs between $699 and $1,399, depending on the finish, size and options that you select.

Third party retail stores like Amazon or SitForLess also sell Aeron chairs, sometimes at a discount to buying direct through the Herman Miller website.

Options like a polished aluminum frame will add about $200 to the price, selecting adjustable leather arm rests will add $50, and upgrading castors will cost another $45.

More information about ergonomics charisOther Ergonomic Office Chair Options

Other popular ergonomic chairs are Ergohuman, Herman Miller Mirra, Humanscale, Leap, Freedom, Life, Duorest, Ergo Star, Eurotech, Zuo, Office Star, Space AirGrid, and Boss.

More information about Aeron Chair OptionsAeron Chair Options

  • Base Finish: graphite, titanium or polished aluminum. The aluminum adds $202 to the price and the titanium limits your seat color options.
  • Seat and Back fabric: traditional pellicle weave (4 variations of black and gray), wave pattern (black or platinum) or tuxedo diamond texture (black or blue).
  • Seat tilt: standard or full tilt limiter with seat angle adjustment.
  • Arm type: adjustable arms, no arms or stationary arms.
  • Armpad: black leather or standard padded.
  • Back support: no additional support, adjustable lumbar support or adjustable PostureFit support
  • Casters: carpet casters or hard floor casters
You can see all of the configuration options and more in depth descriptions and costs on Herman Miller's website.

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