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"I want a firewood storage rack"

Will be in the middle of my patio, near the fire pit, so can't be an eyesore. A rack cover would be nice too.

wanted by: mitch (317) in Wellesley Hills, MA 02481 +
updated on: Aug. 17, 2011, 10:49 a.m. (8 years, 3 months ago)
posted on: Dec. 10, 2010, 1:12 a.m. (8 years, 12 months ago)
tags: firewood home outdoor rack
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Re: I want a firewood storage rack

I have the Woodhaven Crescent firewood rack. Got it last year in late spring and had it filled with firewood within a week. It was very simple to put together and is solid as a rock, even when fully loaded with firewood.

I have a decent amount of trees around my property and it seems like there is always a dead limb on the ground or a small tree that has toppled or is about to do so.

Not one to miss the opportunity for free wood right on property, I often put my chainsaw and ax to use clearning the yard and loading the rack.

I really like the look of this firewood rack, something about the curve makes it look nicer than your typical rack. I also like that there is a small area (the section that's shaped like a football) where I can store smaller sticks and kindling, very handy.

I don't have a fitted cover for this rack although I think I'm going to hunt one down. Over this past winter, I just slung a tarp over the whole thing. Not the prettiest sight on my patio, but it kept the wood dry.
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Firewood storage rack pricing and reviews

Amazon has a few nice, highly rated, curved firewood racks, some of which include a full cover.

Woodhaven Large Crescent Firewood Rack (Price: $399):
* 52"H x 96"W x 14"D
* includes a full cover

Woodhaven Small Crescent Firewood Rack (Price: $199):
* holds 1/3 cord of wood

Large Oval Wood Rack (Price: $120):
* comes in small and large size
* more compact than other options

Curved Wood Rack Cover (Price: $49):
* made of heavy duty tarp
* includes a cover opens on one side
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More information about How to Season Firewood

unseasoned firewoodUnseasoned "green" firewood
Newly cut and chopped firewood typically has a water content of around 50% and will not burn well in your firepit or wood stove.

Before burning, you must let your firewood "season" which allows the moisture in the wood to evaporate. Firewood needs to season long enough to get the water content below 20%.

seasoned firewoodSeasoned "dry" firewood
Burning unseasoned wood in your indoor fireplace can cause creosote buildup in your chimney which could result in a chimney fire. It also will be difficult to get started and keep burning.

Seasoned firewood looks grayish on the ends and if you split it, white in the center. You should notice lots of large cracks running with the grain of the wood and many smaller ones on the rings. Unseasoned firewood will also have bark that is much more tightly attached to the log.

To season your wood, chop it to size and then stack it off the ground with plenty of space around it to allow good air circulation. The more air flowing over your wood, the faster it will dry out. Do not stack the drying wood directly on the ground or up against a wall as this will inhibit the circulation of air around the wood and will trap in the moisture. Cover the top of the stacked wood pile with a tarp or roof to keep the rain and snow off, but keep the sides open to promote air flow.

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