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"I want a tree service, tree and fallen limb removal needed"

I need a tree service! Mother Nature brought down a huge tree limb at my Grandma's house. It's partially blocking her driveway. Need a good local tree service!

wanted by: marion (19) in Bozeman, MT 59715 +
updated on: Oct. 9, 2012, 10:25 p.m. (7 years, 5 months ago)
posted on: Feb. 3, 2011, 4:14 p.m. (9 years, 1 month ago)
tags: outdoors snow tree weather winter
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Re: I want a tree service to remove a fallen limb

Find a Local Tree Service
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Ever heard of that old Arcadian proverb? "Plan pruning at your convenience or Nature will schedule it at her whim." Yeah, me neither, but I got a marketing postcard from a local tree service touting it recently.

Fallen tree limbThis looks like a job for a pro
With the winter we've had, I'm not surprised that your grandmother lost a tree. The combination of snow plus ice can be too much for a tree to support and can easily break off limbs or topple the entire tree. You just gotta hope that the falling limb doesn't hit your car, house or person and need to plan ahead in the Fall by having any vulnerable trees and limbs pruned by a professional.

Last summer I had a huge limb come down in my yard and block my driveway. Since it was warm enough out, and since I own a chainsaw, I was able to cut up the limb, dry out the wood and use it in my fire pit by Fall. In the middle of winter, however, this isn't a viable option. Not to mention most normal people don't own chainsaws.

Your best option is to contact a local professional to remove the limb for you. Call a few to get the best price.

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Re: I want a tree service to remove a fallen limb

Hi Marion, I know it's not something most homeowners think about, but your and your grandma should plan to meet with a certified arborists to take a look at the other trees and shrubs around her home and make a plan for any pruning that needs to be done.

Pruning is best done when trees are dormant and the ground is frozen, so now would be a good time to find a tree and shrub service and develop a plan to prevent future accidents and tree loses. Good luck!
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Find a Tree Service or Limb Removal Pro

Find local tree removal companies
Find tree removal pros in your area and find out how much it will cost to remove a fallen tree or limb.
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More information about cost for tree removalWhat Does it Cost for Tree Removal?

How much does it cost?
The cost for tree removal can be high due to the tools required (often rented or leased) as well as the required insurance and potential risk for the professional contracted to do the work. To have several large trees cleared will cost around $450 per tree or possible $1,000 to have three removed at the same time.

Large limbs and entire trees can be felled by a number of extreme weather conditions. In the winter, large snowstorms combined with blizzard winds or excessively wet snow can wreak havoc on trees, limbs and power lines that get in their way.

In the summer, spring and fall, lightning and heavy winds can do the same. In the case of a downed tree, take extreme caution that a live power line is not pinned under the tree or limb. Avoid walking or driving near the area until a local professional has assessed the damage and removed the fallen limbs.

More information about Who is Responsible for a Fallen Limb?

Who is responsible for a fallen limb
In most states, if a tree limb on you property falls into your neighbors yard you are not responsible for the damage or removal of the limb. Generally a court considers this an "act of God" and relieves the tree owner of liability for the removal of the fallen tree or limb.

If, however, you knew that the tree is damaged or diseased and posed a potential risk, then you may be exposed to a negligence claim for not preemptively removing it before it fell.

In summary, you are not generally responsible if a storm knocks down a healthy tree. It is always a good idea to inspect the trees on your property to make sure that there are no sick or dying trees that pose a threat to your neighbors property. A good local arborist can help you identify diseased trees and develop a treatment or removal plan.

More information about Saving on the Cost for Tree Removal

Has a tree or large limb fallen in your yard recently? Having someone out to cut it up and remove it will likely cost you a couple hundred dollars. You can save on the cost for tree removal on you property, however, if you have the right tools and manpower to reclaim to fallen wood.

If you or a family member is willing to cut up the wood, you can dry it out and use it yourself in a wood burning stove or outdoor firepit. Alternatively, you can bundle it up and sell it for firewood or easily give it away by simply making a "Free Firewood" sign. Just make sure and cut the wood into small enough pieces to be easily handled and burned in a stove or a fire pit.

Local grocery and hardware stores often sell small (6 or 7 piece) bundles of wood for $4 to $7. One fallen tree or large limb can easily make dozens of these bundles, so you should have no trouble giving it away or even selling it for a little extra cash.

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