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"I want affordable snowboard boots"

Looking for some online stores with good prices and selection on this year's and past year's boots.

wanted by: moerim (30) in Jackson, WY 83001 +
updated on: May 31, 2011, 7:21 p.m. (8 years, 9 months ago)
posted on: Jan. 2, 2011, 12:51 p.m. (9 years, 1 month ago)
tags: outdoor ski snowboarding sports
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Re: I want affordable snowboard boots

I just spent my Chinese New Year money on these sweet Burton snowboard boots! OK, so I couldn't have afforded them otherwise, but that's what Chinese Nai-Nai's are for, right :)

Sorry, I don't think they exactly match your "affordable" requirement, but boy are they comfortable!
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Top Selling Snowboard Boots: DC, Burton, Flow

Here are a few other popular snowboard boots:

Burton - Hail (White/Gray/Black) - Footwear

Burton - Hail (White/Gray/Black)

thirtytwo Men's Prion Snowboarding Boot

Burton - Mint Women's 2011 (White/Brown/Green) - Footwear

Burton - Mint Women's 2011

DC Phase Men's Snowboard Boots

Burton - Ion 2011 (White/Red/Sliver) - Footwear

Burton - Ion 2011 (White/Red/Sliver)

Burton H.O.D. Snowboard Boots

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How to Buy Snowboard Boots: Advice & Tips

Just like with skiing, selecting your snowboard boots can make or break your comfort, performance and enjoyment of the sport. In addition to looking good, your snowboarding boot is your connection to your board and to the snow you are screaming over. It is important that they fit your foot correctly, keep you warm and provide the needed support.

The most obvious criteria for selecting a boot is fit. Try them on with the socks you normally wear snowboarding. Keep in mind that your feet can swell up to half a size when your are out on the mountain, so make sure and try on the boats in the late afternoon or evening when your feet are typically at their largest.

Heel holding power is the most important aspect of boot fit. After lacing up the boots, stand up and go up on your toes. If your heel lifts away from the sole of the boot, it's not a proper fit. Boot flex is the next most important feature and will be determined by your snowboarding style.

The Best Boots for Your Snowboarding Style

  • If you are an Alpine Rider (high-speed carving and full-throttle speed racing): a hard shell boot will best support your feet and ankles as you carve the hard snow surface
  • If you are a Freestyler (lots of aerials, flips, spins and grabs): your boot should be lower cut with a looser inner liner which allows greater flexibility, finally
  • If you are a Freerider (an all-mountain snowboarder): you'll need a boot with a stiff upper body and a lace-up inner lining which will allow you to adjust the overall boot flexibility.

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