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"I want an accurate analogue scale for my bathroom"

I hate how digital scales show a different weight every time you step on them. I'm switching to a good mechanical, analog bathroom scale!

wanted by: amykim (25) in Needham, MA 02492 +
updated on: Aug. 18, 2011, 12:40 p.m. (8 years ago)
posted on: Nov. 12, 2010, 4:17 p.m. (8 years, 9 months ago)
tags: fitness health home scale
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Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale

My family got this Salter scale for the same reasons you mention. We grew to seriously dislike the "accuracy" of our old digital scale. It seems like the weight could swing plus our minus a pound just by the way you stepped on it!

Granted, we do miss the body fat percentage that our old scale would provide, but even that was flaky depending on if you stood on it before the shower or after. Or if you measured in the morning versus at night. We ended up using this dedicated hand-held monitor instead. It gives more consistent reading than our old scale used to and is very simple to use.

We don't miss the memory function as we never figured out how to use it and prefer tracking our weight, body fat, key measurements and blood pressure in a Google spreadsheet that we can share with each other. It's nice to graph your stats and see your progress clearly on one page, very motivating!

Also, we've found that measuring other components of our fitness like waist, leg and chest measurements is a good and meaningful way to measure overall fitness and body composition. We use a simple tape measure to do that. It is almost more satisfying to see a couple of inches come off your waist than to see a couple pounds disappear from the scale. After all, the trimmer waist is direct positive feedback that your body is changing!

As far as the Salter scale, though, it is accurate, sturdy, easy to read and fast. No more waiting for the digital scale to calibrate before giving you a reading to the tenth of a pound.
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Re: I want an accurate analogue scale

Weight Watchers WW43/WW43D Memory Glass Electronic ScaleThe Weight Watchers Memory Glass Electronic Scale
My wife got the Weight Watchers Glass Memory scale. She really wanted a digital scale for the memory function. We like the way it looks in our bathroom and it is very easy to use and program.

We both like the feature where it tells you how much you have lost (hopefully) since the last time you used it. The ability to set a target weight and be shown how close you are to it is nice as well.

We have found that, because of the scale's unique leveling feature, we were able to set it up and get very accurate repeat measurements even when we stepped off the scale and weighed ourselves 10 or 15 minutes later. That is a key requirement in any digital scale as mieyun and amykim mention above.

If you are not ready to do the throwback analog, then we recommend this very accurate, nice looking and easy to use scale.
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