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"I want someone to install oak cabinets for kitchen remodel"

Need new kitchen oak cupboards and cabinets and any feedback on the cost of kitchen cabinets installed. I may consider cabinet refacing if the price for new cupboards and cabinets is too high.

wanted by: barbara (27) in Arlington, MA 02476 +
updated on: June 5, 2012, 12:49 a.m. (5 years, 11 months ago)
posted on: July 1, 2011, 2:13 a.m. (6 years, 11 months ago)
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Installing new oak kitchen cupboards and cabinets

I replaced my kitchen cupboards and cabinets a few years ago, and went with new white oak kitchen cabinets with edge-banded, adjustable melamine shelving.

I was lucky to find a great local cabinet installer who showed up on time every morning and completed the job on time without too much disruption to my everyday life. I interviewed a total of three cabinet installers, which greatly helped me find to best one for my job.

That being said, there is a lot of disruption whenever you tear apart your kitchen! Expect to eat out a lot if you have kids and for the microwave to become your primary cooking appliance when you cook in! :-)

For reference, my semi-custom replacement cupboards and cabinets (in a normal sized kitchen, nothing extravagant for me) cost just under $12,000 installed.

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New oak kitchen cupboards and cabinets video

Check out this walk through of a newly remodeled kitchen which had new oak kitchen cabinets installed with adjustable melamine shelving and concealed hinges.

This remodeled kitchen will be fitted with granite countertops and the standard kitchen appliances (over the range microwave, under counter dishwasher, free standing gas range and 36-inch wide refrigerator.

This homeowner chose medium colored oak cabinets and finished their adjacent laundry room and hallway broom closet with similar oak cabinets.

Mark's walk through gives you a good impression of the beauty of oak cupboards and cabinets.
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Find Local Cabinet Installation Companies

Find local oak cabinet installation companies
Find cabinet installers in your area and find out how much it will cost to install oak cabinets in your own kitchen.
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More information about How Much do Oak Cabinets Cost?

How much do oak kitchen cabinets cost?
The biggest cost driver when selecting you oak kitchen cabinets will be how much customization you need. Stock, pre-made cabinets will be cheaper than semi-customized cabinets which will cost less than custom-made cabinets.

Expect stock cabinets to cost you around $5,000 for a standard sized (approximately 12 foot by 10 foot) kitchen. If you want the ability to select among a few standard options, your semi-custom cabinets will cost you around $10,000 for the same sized kitchen.

If, however, you want fully custom-made cabinetry to fit a unique kitchen layout or to match a particular look, your cost will rise to upwards of $20,000 or roughly four-times the price of stock kitchen cabinets!

More information about How to Install a Cabinet: The Video

Wish your kitchen remodel only took 5 minutes?

Here's a time lapse video titled "How to install kitchen cabinets" where kitchen cabinet installer goes from bare walls to hung cabinets in a mere 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

The contractor shows you how to install, installation steps and the final product. Plus, you get to listen to Scott Joplin's "Rag Medely No. 6" while you watch.

More information about Kitchen Oak Cupboards and Cabinets

There are two main species of oak: white oak and red oak. As far as durability is concerned, white oak is more substantial, denser and tougher than the lighter, more porous and open grained red oak.

Regarding appearance, red oak (as implied by its name) is available in tones varying from a dark reddish brown to a very light color. As well, red oak is made up of a lower amount of oak grain patterns.

One of the most important benefits of oak kitchen cabinets is that they may be sanded, cleaned and refurbished without losing the brightness of the original wood.

sealed red oak
Sealed red oak
sealed white oak
Sealed white oak
white oak kitchen cabinet
White oak cabinet

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