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I live in Westport, CT and work in finance in NYC.

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Jan. 4, 2011

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I want a home addition: garage, office and master bedroom - Westport, CT

tags: addition exterior home... interior renovation
Posted June 28, 2011 by BillF (21) +
Will need to tear down the existing one-car garage and build a new two-car, as well as a first floor library/office and a second floor master bedroom and bath.
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I want to refinance my second home mortgage - West Palm Beach, FL

tags: equity home mortgage real estate refinance
Posted Feb. 12, 2011 by BillF (21) +
I've already refinanced my home mortgage, but want to refinance my 2nd home mortgage in West Palm Beach as well. Looking for a no-points, no closing cost, 20-year or 30-year fixed rate loan.
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I want a service to install roof heat cables to prevent... - Westport, CT

tags: exterior gutter ice dams roof roofing snow water
Posted Jan. 31, 2011 by BillF (21) +
I have ice dams all over my roof this year and I'm starting to get water leaking into my house. I hear roof heat cables may prevent ice dams and leaking?
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I want solid oak wood flooring installed - Westport, CT

tags: floor flooring home... interior oak
Posted Jan. 24, 2011 by BillF (21) +
Much of my first floor is either carpeted, tiled or covered in a laminated wood floor. Want it all pulled out and replaced with a solid oak wood floor.
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I want to remodel my garage - Westport, CT

tags: garage home... remodel workshop
Posted Jan. 23, 2011 by BillF (21) +
It's a two-car, attached garage. I want to renovate it to be a hobbyist woodworking shop. It's currenlty insulated, but I'll need additional electrical circuits and much more storage.
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