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Re: "I want an ice belt installed on my roof to prevent ice dams"
(from HandyAndy 8 years, 2 months ago)
An alternative approach is to install roof heat cables on your roof to prevent ice dams from forming. It is probably a less costly approach, but also somewhat less attractive.

Personally, I really like the way copper ice belts dress up the appearance of a roof.

Re: "I want an ice belt installed on my roof to prevent ice dams"
(from mitch 8 years, 4 months ago)
Installing ice belts to prevent ice damming is possible for your advanced do-it-yourselfer with some roofing experience. Just make sure and start the project before the snow flies! Also, be careful working on the roof.

If you want to offload the work to a roofing pro, try this service:

In many situations ice belts are effective in preventing ice damming. In certain roofing layouts, however, they are less effective if they work at all. In the case where a roof pitch change occurs above the ice belt, ice dams may form in that pitch change and still lead to a roof leak.

These are rare situations, however, and unless your home is in an area that receives a large amount of snow and has extremely low temperatures, an ice belt might solve the problem of ice dam and roof leaks for your situation.

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