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Re: "I want to find local roofer contractors to replace a roof"
(from HandyAndy 8 years, 9 months ago)
I answered a similar request to this a month or two ago. The individual was looking to have her asphalt shingle roof replaced.

My advice to her is the same to you, make sure it doesn't just need a cleaning. If it is discoloration, fungus and streaking you are seeing, a roof cleaning may be all that you need. You will need your roof replaced if the shingles are crumbling, falling off and failing, if your flashing is damaged or if your roof is leaking.

An honest roofing contractor will assess if you need repairs, a good cleaning or your entire roof replaced.
Re: "I want to find local roofer contractors to replace a roof"
(from mitch 8 years, 9 months ago)
I don't envy you, Jan. Pouring money into a roof is not nearly as fun or impactful as remodeling a bathroom or repainting your living room. But if it keeps the rain and water out of both of those, it really is important now isn't it?

There are standard questions you should ask any service provider who is doing work in and around your house:
  1. Get the contractors legal name and license information: check if the contractor is licensed in your home state and if there are excessive complaints filed against them. Also check the Better Business Bureau for any records of complaints

  2. How long has the company been in business? How roof replacements similar to yours have they completed?

  3. How does the roofer contractor expect payment? Is there an upfront deposit? Is it refundable? How much is the deposit?

  4. Are they bonded? Any contractor you have working at your house should be bonded to assure that your work will be completed.

  5. Will they be employing any sub-contractors? If so, get the names and check the contractors the same way.

  6. Is there any legal action pending against the roofer contractor? You wouldn't want a lawsuit to put the contractor out of business mid-job. Find out the severity and details if a lawsuit exists.

  7. Do they guarantee their work? If so, for how long? Does it cover acts of nature, shingle or flashing material failure or improper installation discovered after the fact?

There are also specific questions that you should ask of a potential roofer contractor:
  1. Will they strip and replace the roof or install a new one over the old? You can install a new asphalt shingle roof over an old one as long as the surface is level and the sub roof is in good shape.

  2. Will they charge to haul away to old roofing shingles? Is it included in the cost or will they charge extra for this?

  3. Will they acquire the required local roofing permits? If they have replaced a lot of roofs in your area, they should have better contacts in town hall and make this step easier.

  4. Is the contractor a member of a national or local roofing association? A "yes" indicates that they are interesting in keeping up-to-date on the latest roofing news and technologies.

Best of luck to you.

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