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Re: "I want a house number sign that can be attached to a wooden post"
(from mitch 8 years, 12 months ago)
Wow, this is a hard search, not much variety out there! I think your best bet is Frontgate.

Frontgate doesn't have a "hanging sign" category, but I think you could buy a bracket somewhere else and go with their more interesting wall or stake-mounted signs. Just use the uppermost screw holes to hang from or drill a couple holes in the top of the sign yourself. This opens up far more possibilities in your search.

They have a plaque which displays your family monogram with fine detailing along with your street and number. It is made from recycled rust-free cast aluminum and uses paint that has been designed and tested to withstand the harshest weather. It is designed to provide maximum visibility to meet local "911" emergency standards. All you need for assembly is a screwdriver.

Some other, more standard options below...

Address Plaque Shops
* the rectangular and oval are pretty traditional

The Mailbox Works
* a slate sign

Brass Gallery
* if you like birds, horsies or golfers on you sign :)
Re: "I want a piano bench"
(from mieyun 9 years ago)
Hi there.

Some brands that offer leather piano benches and pop up as ones that you may want to consider include:

Hope this helps. Happy shopping!
Re: "I want a piano bench"
(from wantbox 9 years ago)
Hi Susan! Although you can certainly visit your local furniture or music store, a short trip to your home computer will allow you to window shop for a number of nice looking (IMHO) leather piano benches.

Of course, my favorite online retailer has quite a few options available. Looking around, I also see some new and used benches being sold on eBay and a number of smaller online stores offering some good looking benches.

Below, I've highlighted the ones that I would happily tuck under our own Clavinova. I hope our tastes overlap at least a little :)

- Todd

Williams Padded Piano Bench Seat (Price: $50):
* Thickly padded bench provides hours of comfort for practicing or performing

Bicast Leather Espresso Piano Bench (Price: $108):
* Cappuccino Finish Seat
* Cherry Finish Wooden Legs
* 48" Long x 17" Wide x 19 1/2" Tall

AceDivision (Price: $73).

LEATHER Walnut Grad Duet Piano Bench/Stool/Chair (Price: $160):
* 34" long, 14" deep and 19" high
* straight or spayed legs

LEATHER Walnut Classic Adjustable Piano Bench (Price: $170):
* 21.5" long and 13" deep
* height can be adjusted from 18" to 21 1/2"

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