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Re: "I want tips on how to start a website for my business"
(from remodelation 8 years, 2 months ago)
hello, what type of bussines you want to create
Re: "I want tips on how to start a website for my business"
(from mitch 8 years, 3 months ago)
Hi Susie,

This is what I would do to quickly establish an online presence for a new business.
  1. Signup for a shared server at DreamHost Web Hosting ($10/month). You will get a free domain when you do this, so it saves you from having to endure the GoDaddy upsell hell.

  2. Go to Google and setup Google Apps for your new domain: This will allow you to create email addresses like [email protected]. Since you don't have a business website yet, you'll have to verify your ownership of your new domain by adding a DNS record to your domain's configuration. Log into your DreamHost panel and figure it out or ask their support team for help ([email protected]).

  3. Create a Facebook page for your business.

  4. Create a Twitter account for your business.

  5. Create a Google+ account for your business.

  6. Get a Google voice number. You can forward it to your real phone number or automatically send it to a voicemail that you create. Google will then transcribe the message and email it to you, which is awesome. If you forward it to your phone, you can see that it is coming from Google voice and can put on your "business voice".

  7. Create a VentureBeat profile for your biz.

  8. Create a CrunchBase profile for you biz.

  9. You'll eventually need to build a website to point people to. In the short term, you can create an page instead and point your domain to that. About me is essentially a free one-page personal landing page with links out to all of your other important stuff (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, etc.). This is a good sample page: They are mostly for people, but I don't see why you couldn't use it as a starter web site. You'll also get some free business cards from by signing up for I think you just have to pay shipping.

Start by getting a good domain name and pluck off the other things one-by-one.

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