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Re: "I want the best dim sum in NYC"
(from mitch 8 years, 9 months ago)
Hi Amy, I forgot that I had posted this question on a different community I belong to. Here are some of their answers:

For dim sum made fresh to order - Red Egg or Dim Sum Go Go. For good dim sum with communal tables and rolling carts - Grand Harmony.

Oriental Garden is excellent. I think the NYT said they were the best dim sum in the city but I have always thought so. Really cheap and not too loud or crowded.

If you're looking for amazing vegan dim sum, check Buddha Bodai:

Maybe not totally dim sum but you have to get the soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai:

Although really a fusion type restaurant, try Chinatown Brasserie. The dim sums are very delicate (ie not too large and have thin translucent wrappings/skins): this is true indication of good dim sum.

Pings Seafood on Mott street.

It's making me hungry writing this reply!
Re: "I want a pet turtle"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
Pet red-eared slider turtlePet red-eared slider turtle
We took care of my daughter's class turtle (red eared slider) this past summer.

My take on turtles as pets:
1) they're pretty boring
2) they make a big mess in their tank
3) they're one of the easiest pets we've had
4) they're very boring

That being said, she loved it. Of course, I ended up doing most of the upkeep. We had a filter that ran constantly to keep the floating debris at bay (still gets pretty disgusting under the rocks, though.) We also had a timed, once-a-day feeder to deliver his food when we were gone for a few days.

Our lineup of turtle accessories...

Tetra ReptoFilter In-tank Filter ($13).

AquaChef Aquarium Fish Feeder ($25).

Omega One Juvenile Turtle Pellets ($5).
Re: "I want a new money clip"
(from mieyun 9 years ago)
Hi there -
Here's another money clip option that I thought was nifty.

One thing I thought was cool about it was that it looks like it can handle thin and thick bundles of cash and cards.

Re: "I want a new money clip"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
I'm a money clip guy myself. If I had to replace my beloved clip, I'd allow the following in my pocket:

* Steampunk Mecanik Beetle Money Clip (Awesome, I may get this one myself!)

* Grid Money Clip (stylish, stainless steel)

* Steampunk Money Clip

* BRASS ELEPHANT ...moneyclip (for your GOP friends)

There's hundreds more great ones on etsy:
Re: "I want a easy and inexpensive print vendor to make my holiday cards"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
NB: If you get too close to your holiday deadline you can send out a free online video holiday card from my other site !

For print cards, I like the designs at There are some decent online discounts available:

VistaPrint is always a viable options, although I don't like their designs as much:

VistaPrint coupons here: (my fave coupon site) and here:
Re: "I want the best cordless phone system"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
According to ConsumerSearch, the best cordless phone is the Panasonic KX-TG6512 (Price: $49):

* highly rated on Amazon (4 out of 5 stars, 47 customer reviews)
* cordless phone with call waiting caller ID
* supports up to 6 handsets
* 4-way conference call capable
* 1.8 inch LCD display
* talk time: up to 780 minutes, standby time: up to 264 hours
* DECT 6.0 Plus cordless phone standard

A great cordless phone with an answering machine is the AT&T SL82318 (Price: $82):

* very highly rated (4.5 out of 5.0 stars, 249 customer reviews)
* supports up to 12 handsets
* conference call capable
* intercom feature
* speakerphone
* DECT standard, no interference with household items such as microwaves
* extra handsets cost around $25 each

Also, check out this similar cordless phone system request to yours.
Re: "I want something that will get rid of cigarette odor"
(from wantbox 9 years ago)
High Tech Way
Honeywell HEPA Round Air Purifier (Price: $155):
* highly rated by consumers (4 out of 5, 233 reviews)
* for rooms up to 390 sf
* removes 99.97% of common airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold spores and cat dander

Low Tech Way
Glycolized Air Sanitizer, Smoke/Odor Eliminator (x6) (Price: $30):
* reduces airborne bacteria, and eliminates smoke and odors
* reviewer: "This product does not have an initially good smell but after about 5 minutes any odor in the house is completely gone. I've used it on cigar, cigarettes and fried fish odors and am absolutely amazed at it's ability to completely remove the odors."
Re: "I want suggestions on good gifts for teachers and coaches under $50"
(from wantbox 9 years ago)
We really like these site for creative gifts too:
1) (if any of them are techies)
2) (tons of handmade goodness)
3) (For her > for the Artist)
4) (check out the retro/kitsch section)
5) (cardboard mounted bass!)
6) (beer holster, yeah)
Re: "I want suggestions on good gifts for teachers and coaches under $50"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
The good:
Mamapedia: "Desperate Mom Seeking Soccer Coach Gift Ideas":
* Restaurant gift card (not exciting, but universally useful)
* Gift card for equipment or classroom supplies (same)
* Combine with a nicely framed and signed team or class photo

Today/MSNBC: "The best ‘thank you’ gifts for under $25":
* a bit more clever if not more risky options

And the bad:
1) Fish
2) Perfume, cologne or aftershave
3) Plants
4) Wine
5) Fundraising

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