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I want new granite and countertops installed in my... - Arlington, MA

tags: countertop design home... interior kitchen
Posted July 4, 2011 by barbara (27) +
Need the price of granite countertops and some pictures of granite countertops. I have a laminate now which is in bad shape and is an eyesore.
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I want someone to install oak cabinets for kitchen... - Arlington, MA

tags: cabinets home... interior kitchen oak
Posted July 1, 2011 by barbara (27) +
Need new kitchen oak cupboards and cabinets and any feedback on the cost of kitchen cabinets installed. I may consider cabinet refacing if the price for new cupboards and cabinets is too high.
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I want a water damage remediation service - Arlington, MA

tags: basement basement... flood water water damage
Posted March 8, 2011 by barbara (27) +
I had a water pipe burst in my basement and there is a lot of water damage to the carpet, carpet pad and wood trim. Looking for suggestions. Help!
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I want an electric power shovel - Arlington, MA

tags: power tools shovel snow snow removal snowblower winter
Posted Feb. 5, 2011 by barbara (27) +
I hear the Toro is good. Any recommendations or should I get a real snow thrower? Needed mostly to clear my deck and walkways.
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I want new oak hardwood floors installed in my kitchen - Arlington, MA

tags: flooring hardwood home... kitchen oak
Posted Feb. 4, 2011 by barbara (27) +
I'm looking for someone to install hardwood floors in my renovated kitchen. Must replace the linoleum. Must replace it now!
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I want a service to winterize my vacation home - Brewster, MA

tags: cold ice service snow winter
Posted Feb. 4, 2011 by barbara (27) +
It's on Cape Cod and I did some things I normally do to protect it, but with this extreme cold, I think I need it professionally done.
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