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Re: "I want either the GE Cafe gas range or Electrolux gas range"
(from meggers 8 years, 1 month ago)
Hi Carole,

Ge Cafe baking trayGe Cafe baking tray
My mom just spent a bunch of time shopping for a new gas range for her remodeled kitchen and she too came down to a choice between the GE Cafe and the Electrolux gas range with wave touch.

My mom ended up choosing this GE Cafe because she loved that it essentially had a second oven with the baking tray.

We visited a bunch of appliance stores, read a ton of online reviews and talked with any friend or neighbor who had recently done a kitchen remodel.

We were surprised at how many of them also narrowed their choices down to the GE Cafe and Electrolux! They are both great gas ranges. The Electrolux has a sleeker, more modern look while the GE Cafe look more like a professional range.

Either seem to be good options, though!
Re: "I want either the GE Cafe gas range or Electrolux gas range"
(from mieyun 8 years, 1 month ago)
GE Cafe Griddle in the MiddleGE Cafe Griddle in the Middle
I just went through this same process and compared both ranges online and in person. I ultimately chose the GE Cafe because I liked the look of it more and the griddle-in-the-middle was a big selling point. I also didn't love the overall look of the Electrolux range, even though the Wave Touch control panel was fun to play with.

My big picture summary:

GE Cafe Stand-Alone Gas Range
Model Number: CGS980SEMSS

* Professional, higher end look
* 5th burner, griddle-in-the-middle is very nice & functional
* Lower baking tray can bake up to 450 degrees
* Metal burner knobs and skirt ^

* Noisy fan when baking over 425 degrees
* Will stick out further than a slide-in
* Will have a gap between side and cabinets
* Not a true slide-in, but is functionally one

Electrolux Slide-In Gas Range
Model Number: EW30GS65GS

* Sleeker, cleaner, more modern look
* Smooth, ball-bearning sliding oven racks
* Nice, Wave-Touch control pad
* Pretty blue oven interior and nicely balanced oven door

* No 5th burner, top looks sparse and boring
* Bottom warming tray only, can't cook in it
* Reviewer complaints about display malfunctions
* Weirder, funkier look

I did a lot of research online and in-store. As far as online discussions go, this Chowhound thread has a lot of great information.

I purchase my GE Cafe during my state's recent tax-free weekend, but you can get a tax-free purchase anytime by buying online. Just do you research first, maybe even visit a local appliance store and then buy online.

With an item this large, it's worth getting an Amazon Prime account for the free shipping. Plus you now get free movie streaming when you are an Amazon Prime user!

^ The GE Cafe originally had plastic knobs and a plastic skirt sandwiched between the knobs and range front. Early users complained about the flimsy feel and potentially melting knobs and skirts. These have since been replaced by all-metal knobs and skirts.
Re: "I want someone to paint my house"
(from clem 8 years, 7 months ago)
Exterior house painting is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your home. The paint isn't just to make your house look nice, it also is an important barrier which protects your siding against sun, wind and rain.

When I was younger, I always painted the house myself, but I find it is too much work now. Plus, I hate scraping paint chippings, priming with oil-based primers, cleaning up brushes in turpentine or paint thinner. That's a young man's game. I'd rather go golfing.

Exterior painting is a physically challenging endeavor. You have to be able to move the ladders around, be comfortable climbing them, and be able to have your arm moving at odd angles for hours at a time. It's also a dirty job where you'll regularly encounter wood rot, all kinds of insects, dirt and LOTS of paint splatter.

There are plenty of crews in Florida who will do all that dirty work for you. All you need to do is work with the contractor on decisions like these:
  • What color to paint your exterior and trim

  • What type of primer to use (oil or latex and should it be tinted)

  • What method to use for application: brush, roller, paint sprayer

  • How to paint any outbuilding of a different material (masonite, vinyl or steel sided, stucco, concrete block, exterior brick

Once you find some painting contractors who are available to do your job, make sure and get some past customer referrals and ask questions like:
  • Was the painting crew professional and respectful?

  • Did they keep their music down, not smoke near your home, and not use foul language around your family?

  • Did the painters do quality work?

  • Did the painters protect your non-painted surfaces from splatter (fences, shutters, walkways, roofs, driveway)

  • Did the painters clean up their work site every night before going home?

  • Did the contractor show up when they said they would and complete the job on schedule?

That's about all I can think of right now. Good luck!

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