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Re: "I want an irrigation sprinkler system installed at my home"
(from HandyAndy 8 years, 2 months ago)
If you plan to do-it-yourself, here's a pretty good video overview of what it will take.

Expect a pro to be able to know out a normal sized system in as fast as two days.

A novice should plan for a couple weeks, because without a doubt, one of your connections will leak, your timer hookup won't work, or you'll buy a couple wrong irrigation sprinklers!

Your lawn and garden will look great, whichever way you go. And with the timer, you'll never have to think of when to water your lawn again. Here is a great page on lawn sprinkler tuneup and the types of things that can go wrong with sprinkler systems.
Re: "I want an irrigation sprinkler system installed at my home"
(from FarFred 8 years, 2 months ago)
Lucky you, Mr. Florida. You won't have to winterize your system like my parent's have to do every year. Sometime in the Fall, before the first freeze, they have to have someone come to their home and blow out the standing water in the system.

They drain out as much water as they can, but can't get it all. The contractor says that even the little amount that remains can freeze and crack the Polyethylene pip (a black, more flexible pipe) or PVC piping (that stiff white stuff).

For those who need professional help:

From personal experience and some nice web resources, I've learned that there are actually three ways to drain an irrigation sprinkler system:
  1. Automatic Drain: An automatic lawn sprinkler system will automatically open and drain the water in the system from a valve at the low and end points in the system. This automatic system triggers when the pressure in the system falls below a certain level, which happens when the water supply is shutoff.

  2. Manual Drain: Like the automated system, the manual drain is located at the low and end points of the irrigation sprinkler system. However, to drain a lawn sprinkler system with this type, you have to shutoff the water supply and then open all the manual drain valves.

  3. The "Blow Out": Because of the likelihood you will damage your system, you should leave the "blow out" to the pros. Essentially, they hookup an air compressor to your system and force the water out.
Re: "I want help waterproofing a basement"
(from mitch 8 years, 8 months ago)
I've had two homes which had a basement foundation crack which let in ground water and flooded my basement.

I also have a friend who had cracks in her concrete basement floor where water would bubble up like the Beverly Hillbillies "Texas tea" every time there was a big rainstorm.

In my first case, I came downstairs into our finished basement (office, TV watching area, exercise setup, storage) and the carpet at the base of the stairs was soaked through. I though someone had spilled something, because I couldn't see any source of water.

I pulled back the carpet and carpet pad and the concrete floor was soaking wet, but I still didn't see the source of water. There was no plumbing near that area and no water catastrophically spraying everywhere.

basement concrete wall crackBasement wall crack
When I listened closely, however, I could hear what sounded like a far-off babbling brook. Had I not been in my finished basement, I might have considered it a lovely sound. To me, it seemed like this sound was coming from behind the wide-board, pine-wood paneling at the bottom of the stairs.

After debating with myself for a good 15 minutes about whether to take the plunge and pull off the boards, I finally did it and saw a large crack in my concrete foundation wall with water streaming down it (behind the wood boards) and down to the carpet.

We had a foundation crack repair service come out and they pressure injected some sort of epoxy into the cracks which sealed them up tight. They also guaranteed that the crack would not leak again for at least 10 years and for the remaining 5 years we lived in the house, it didn't.

I was able to piece the wall back together (replacing the pine boards with drywall), was able to dry the carpet and pad, and all was back to normal despite many man-hours lost.

The best part, since this was a townhouse, the homeowner's association took responsibility for the $750 cost of the crack repair! Unfortunately, the wall restoration was on my own dime.

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"Those industrial drying fans do a great job quickly removing the moisture from your carpets and pads, greatly reducing the chance that mold will form. I highly recommend them." submitted on the reply "Water damage remediation in a finished basement" on March 9, 2011, 12:22 a.m.

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