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I'm a hard working mother of two (one of each!) and small business owner. Please help me! ;)

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Jan. 4, 2011

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Re: "I want payroll services for my restaurant business"
(from FarFred 8 years, 2 months ago)
Last year I used BuyerZone to find a payroll service company for my business.

Just found this video which describes how their "Quote Connect" program works. From a user point of view, it was very easy to find a set of qualified payroll providers.

All I had to do was enter my specific requirements and my preferred contact information and the suppliers contacted me. It was nice to have conversations with more than one since it both educated me a lot faster and gave me quite a bit of negotiating leverage when I was ready to buy.

It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend you give it a try. They also have a lot of educational material related to payroll solutions, which helped me quite a bit.
Re: "I want a Sole F80 treadmill"
(from barbara 8 years, 8 months ago)
I absolutely love my Sole F80 treadmill and use it almost every day for between 30 and 60 minutes (really depends on the show I'm watching!) It has a strap for measuring my heart rate, but I use it almost exclusively in manual or the user program modes.

There is also a heart rate program which will adjust the speed and incline of each interval to keep your heart rate either at 70% or 90% of the maximum heart rate for your age, which you input into the console before starting (it saves your last entry until you change it).

These days, I've been primarily using the manual mode. I start up the program with an uphill walking interval (3 miles per hour at an 6% to 12% incline) and vary between that with a jogging interval (6 mph/2% incline).

If you are interested in burning a lot of calories, the 3 mph/12% will do the trick. If your goal is to improve your cardiovascular fitness, then you should do a lot of the 6 mph intervals.

Side note: the fan on my Sole F80 treadmill is small and quiet, but does a nice job keeping me cool. I definitely notice when I forget to turn it on (it has it's own on/off toggle switch). When it is on, it also gives the slight feeling that I am actually outdoors running with a breeze in my hair :)
Re: "I want a Sole F80 treadmill"
(from mitch 8 years, 9 months ago)
I purchased a Sole F85 at the end of 2006 and I love it. It's the best treadmill I've ever used, both in build quality and feedback provided by the console.

I particularly love that there are 20 intervals instead of 10. This allows me to create much more variety in my user programs. I am also very impressed with the helpfulness of Sole's customer service. I originally had the wrong sticker on my console (said F83 instead of F85) and had a new sticker shipped out to me very quickly.

For my workouts, I almost always use the user-defined programs. I develop them in a spreadsheet, charting the 20 changes in speed and incline over the workout, print this sheet out and then program the user functions.

I am able to automatically calculate the calories burned in my spreadsheet as I design and optimize my workout, since Sole provided me with the formula used to calculate calories burned based on user weight, speed and incline:

Here is the calorie formula. There are actually two formulas; one for speeds under 3.7 mph and one for speeds over 3.7 mph.

For Speed < 3.7 MPH
Kcal/sec = [1 + (0.768*Speed) + (0.1370*Speed*G)] * BW/2.2/3,600

For Speed >= 3.7MPH
Kcal/sec = [1 + (1.532*Speed) + (0.0685*Speed*G)] * BW/2.2/3,600

G = Percent grade expressed as a decimal (ie: 5% = 0.05)
BW = body weight in lb

Great product and great customer service. TIP: get one of these treadmill mats to set your treadmill on. It will help protect your floor or carpet.

Other nice features of the Sole F85:
Sole F85 Treadmill ConsoleMy Sole F85 Treadmill Console
  • Smoothly and easily folds up and out of the way if you need the space

  • Large motor (3.5HP) and rollers, feels solid and very durable

  • Easy to program with prompts via the message screen

  • Quiet operation, my daughter is able to watch TV while I'm on it

  • Two user programmable workouts (wish there were more)

  • Lifetime warranty on frame, deck and motor

This is the full review I left about the Sole F85 back in 2007. My model Sole F85 is now discontinued, but this is the current version which is probably even better, lucky you!
Re: "I want my asphalt shingle roof replaced"
(from HandyAndy 8 years, 9 months ago)
Find Local Roofers

Get free price quotes from the best roofing companies in your area

Well, my first bit of advice for homeowners who come to me asking for a new asphalt roof is "are you sure you need one"? Many times, it just needs to be cleaned.

From your description, however, I'd actually say that you do need your roof replaced since cupping and broken shingles is a common sign that your asphalt roof is nearing the end of it's useful lifespan. Asphalt roofing usually lasts around 20 years, but depending on the climate, amount of direct sun, shade and precipitation, 18 years is not an unheard of lifespan.

In your case, however, it sounds like you need a new asphalt shingle roof installed. If you only have a single layer of shingles currently on your roof, you may have the option of laying a new asphalt roof over the top of your old one. If any of the subroofing is damaged and needs to be replaced, this will be less likely. Once again, this will vary based on the area of the country you are in and any local building requirements that apply. You can expect that your local roofing contractors will be familiar with these local ordinances.

Otherwise, you will need to have the current asphalt shingles stripped off and a new roof installed. As you can guess, this isn't a do-it-yourself endeavor, especially with more complex roof shapes.

Re: "I want a good automatic rice cooker"
(from amykim 8 years, 10 months ago)
Your choice of rice paddle will make serving your rice either a scooping joy or a never-ending battle against the stubborn grains of rice that cling to your scoop as if they were glued there.

Don't get a smooth paddle, get one with either ribs, nubs or dimples. It makes a HUGE difference!
Re: "I want a good automatic rice cooker"
(from mieyun 8 years, 10 months ago)
My family has the Zojirushi Neuro Rice Cooker. It's only 5-1/2 cups tho, so it misses your cutoff by a bit :)

For my family of 4 (2 adults, 2 pre-teen girls...yay us), we rarely make more than 2 cups of rice for dinner and always have leftovers. Unless you are cooking for a big gathering, I'd think the 5.5 cup version would be fine!

We love the features, the look and the compact size of this rice cooker: it just feels solidly built; does a GREAT JOB cooking brown rice making it nice and plump and sticky; plus, it looks great on the counter and blends in well with our white cabinets and appliances!

We also have a bias for anything Zojirushi as they've built up a lot of goodwill with us through the performance of their other counter top appliance that we own (water boiler, bread maker).

One last thing: the timer is super easy to use which is important since we use it quite a bit, especially when making brown rice which takes 80 minutes to cook. Ping me with a comment if you have any questions!
Re: "I want payroll services for my restaurant business"
(from Kyle21 8 years, 10 months ago)
Meggers, we use ProEmp & Associates based out of Decatur, IL. They offer a myriad of payroll services for small to medium sized businesses. In any case, make sure to do your homework while seeking a quality payroll service. It's been a smooth transition since I elected to go with ProEmp and I hope it will be for your business as consider your options.
Re: "I want payroll services for my restaurant business"
(from BillF 8 years, 10 months ago)
I use Paychex for my own small business and have enjoyed their service. They were founded as a payroll service for small businesses, and although they are now nationwide and publicly traded, their focus seems to have remained on companies with under 50 employees. My invoice is simple, my management reports are straight forward and easy to comprehend, and I can talk to a real person at Paychex if I have a question.

They regularly offer deals for new customers so make sure and check out their site to see if they're currently offering anything.

Payroll Processing Typical Costs:
For your size business if you are issuing paychecks twice monthly, you can expect to pay a monthly fee of between $55 and $95 and a per-check fee of between $0.75 and $2.00 per check. Options such as direct deposit and tax filing will add an additional $5 to $10 per payroll period.

The most popular payroll service providers:
  • Paychex

  • CompuPay

  • ADP

  • CheckPoint

  • PrimePay

  • SurePayroll

  • Oasis Outsourcing

  • TimePlus Payroll

  • Bank of America Business 24/7

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