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Re: "I want a diaper genie or some other kind of diaper pail"
(from SoopahMom 7 years, 2 months ago)
Ok, although my baby smells sweet, his diapers definitely do not. I thought I'd be able to put the diapers in plastic shopping bags but I didn't have enough bags on hand. Plus, they didn't really do much to mask the odor, especially once he moved onto solids.

So I rolled up my sleeves and researched this a few months ago. Here's what I learned re: key decisions you'll need to make when deciding on a diaper disposal system:

- Foot pedal or no foot pedal?
- Manufacturer refills or standard garbage bags?
- Willing to cut liners?

For the record, my answers were:
- I wanted one
- Didn't matter but I did want it to minimize stink no matter what.
- Sure, why not

But I digress. Back to sharing what I learned...

First, the original Diaper Genie system is no longer available. Called the Diaper Genie Twistaway Pail, that's the one where you'd take a soiled diaper and shove it through a hole and twist the opening so the smell would stay contained as each diaper was individually "sealed". While refills are available for the original diaper genie, the actual system isn't. While some swear by it, I'm not sure if I would go out of my way to find it at a garage sale myself as I remember distinctly thinking it was a pretty gross concept to create a series of diaper sausage links when I had my first child years ago.

Diaper Genie Options

The Diaper Genie folks continue to make diaper pails though. They currently offer two options: the Diaper Genie Elite and the Diaper Genie Essentials. The biggest difference is that the Elite version (btw, known previously as Diaper Genie II Elite) has a foot pedal. Plus, the Elite version costs about $10 more than the Essentials model.

Here's a good review that compares Diaper Genie Elite vs Essentials. In a nutshell, it recommends the Essentials because the reviewer thinks the Essentials does a better job of containing the smell and seems a bit less tippy:

Before you settle between one of the two, there are other diaper disposal systems to consider. Diaper Dekor has diaper pails that are closest to the Diaper Genie Elite in terms of design. Both systems include foot pedals and use a long roll of plastic liner to hold the used diapers. When you're ready to toss the dirty diaper stash, you cut the liner off with a built-in cutter and then tie a knot at the bottom of the liner.

Diaper Genie vs Diaper Dekor
There are surprisingly fierce opinions people will have when debating the merits of the Diaper Genie Elite vs the Diaper Dekor. When it comes right down to it, there are three major differences between the two.

First, the Diaper Genie features a double trap door that they claim reduces the odor that can waft when opening the lid of the diaper pail vs the Diaper Dekor and its swinging trap door system. While the Diaper Genie does appear to work more effectively based on diaper pail reviews I read, there was a very fair point made that poopy diapers smell. And they will always smell. Point taken.

A second difference is that the Diaper Dekor comes in three sizes: classic, plus and XL. Interestingly, more may be less in this case as having a particularly pungent bag of dirty diapers may not be the best idea. However, if one were to use it for adult diaper disposal, the Diaper Dekor XL can make a lot of sense.

Finally, for those environmentally conscious folks, the Diaper Dekor comes with biodegradable refills. If you're using cloth diapers, opting for a more green diaper refill makes sense. But, let's be honest, if you're planing to use them with your plastic disposable diapers, it seems like you could make a bigger contribution to the environment by rethinking that instead of buying green refills.

Arm & Hammer Diaper Pails - No liners!

Another option for those of you who don't relish the idea of having to cut and tie liners, consider the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail. This unit comes with self-contained liners that you can snap right into the pail and so you don't need to worry about making sure you've tied the knot securetly enough to ensure no odor (or worse!) gets through. While the system doesn't have a foot pedal, one nice feature is that it sprinkles a bit of baking soda every time you put another diaper into the pail.

Again, you'll see as many positive reviews for the Arm & Hammer diaper pail as you will for the Diaper Genie. Here's one that rates the Arm & Hammer better at odor control -- interestingly, the blogger was asked by Diaper Genie to review it vs the A&H model!
But just to confuse things a bit, here's a mix of reviews when comparing the Arm & Hammer to the Diaper Genie:

Diaper pail refills can be costly

Keep in mind while the diaper systems just mentioned are probably the best at containing odor, one of the ways they do so is by requiring to use their specially designed bags and liners.

While these bags are good at containing smell, they don't do very well when it comes to containing price. Depending on how often you use refills, you can probably expect to pay $5 to $10 per month for those plastic bags as it will be the only way you can use the diaper pails.

Much like the razor companies realized that the way they make money is by requiring blades designed specifically for their system and be replaced regularly, it appears that the diaper disposal companies have figured it out, too. I guess I can't blame them -- they need to make a living, too. But just keep that in mind. Generic versions can help keep costs down.

If you're not a fan of having to pay for diaper refills, then you should evaluate diaper pails that can use standard plastic bags.

Diaper Champ Deluxe vs Diaper Genie
Baby Trend's Diaper Champ Deluxe is probably the most well-known diaper pail option for those looking to use standard 13-gallon kitchen bags. This will definitely reduce your total costs which is great for the value-conscious shopper. However, reviewers have noted that this diaper pail does tend to release a bit more odor than the diaper pail standard bearer Diaper Genie:

Other diaper pails without refills
Finally, Safety 1st makes a couple of diaper pails that can also use standard plastic bags. While they seem to work fine, the general knock on them is that they seem a bit lower and as a result, require a bit more bending to access. As I'm barely over 5 feet tall, that's less of an issue for me but taller readers should make sure they feel the diaper pail is easily accessible.

Bottom Line;
If you want a diaper disposal system primarily beause you want to minimize smelly diaper syndrome, then I'd go for the Diaper Genie and pay for their proprietary bags to get the multi-layered plastic protection. But if you are more cost conscious and willing to compromise on smell, consider the Diaper Champ Deluxe.

In the end, the absolute best way to minimize odor is to have someone else change your darling baby's diapers and take out the trash. Wouldn't that be nice...!

Re: "I want an installer for dog electric fencing"
(from HandyAndy 7 years, 8 months ago)
If you have a smaller dog, take a look at the PetSafe In-Ground Deluxe Little-Dog Fence. It has a much lighter collar and an adjustable correction level to suit your little dog.

Also, if you'll be installing your dog fence in low traffic areas, you don't have to dig a trench and bury the boundary wire. Just use these lawn staples to tack it down. This works particularly well in wooded areas of your lawn as the falling leaves will eventually bury the surface mounted wire.

This site has a lot of good info on do-it-yourself dog electric fence installation, although his listed prices are quite high. Just get what you need at Amazon.
Re: "I want the best Netflix movies to stream instantly"
(from mitch 8 years, 3 months ago)
If, like me, you already have a Netflix account and have realized years ago that Amazon Prime was your doorway to savvy shopping heaven, then this mix of 14 classic and newly minted cult movies can be showing on your computer screen or iPhone within a matter of clicks.

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show on NetflixThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
IMDB Summary: A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Quick Take: A cult classic and official inductee into my own cult movie hall of fame. Behold the hotness that is a 20-something Susan Sarandon. If your are in Harvard Square on a Saturday night, make sure to stop by the Loews Harvard Square theater number four for their weekly midnight showing. Don't forget to bring some toast.

Fave Quote:"Do you think I made a mistake splitting his brain between the two of them?"

You can stream The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Netflix.

No longer free. Stream The Usual Suspects instead.

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Watch The Big LebowskiThe Big Lebowski
IMDB Summary: "The Dude" Lebowski is mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, seeks restitution for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it.

Quick Take: One of my personal favorites. A borderline "cult" movie given it's popularity, but how can you leave The Duder off any list?

Fave Quote: "My, my wife, Bunny? Do you see a wedding ring on my finger? Does this place look like I'm fucking married? The toilet seat's up, man!"

You can stream The Big Lebowski on Netflix.

No longer free. Stream Swingers instead.

3. Eraserhead (1976)

Watch Eraserhead on NetflixEraserhead
IMDB Summary: Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

Quick Take: Many writers have tried to sum up the story of Eraserhead, but few have been able to accurately convey what exactly is happening. It is no secret that Eraserhead is a film that defies an easy synopsis. You don't watch the film per se, but rather experience it. However, one of the best attempts to describe it comes from the director himself who once summarized the film as "a dream of dark and troubling things." -rheaven

Fave Quote: "So I just, uh... I just cut them up like regular chickens?"

You can stream Eraserhead on Netflix.

No longer free. Stream Paranormal Activity instead.

4. Slap Shot (1977)

Watch Slap Shot on NetflixSlap Shot
IMDB Summary: A failing ice hockey team finds success using constant fighting and violence during games.

Quick Take: A mediocre gang of chumps become championship maulers and the results are spectacular. The addition of the (now infamous) Hanson brothers, a bunch of mad, spec-wearing weirdos who love nothing better than wanton destruction adds to the cocktail of on-ice destruction. Fists fly, blood flows, profanities are fired all over the place. All in all it is extremely entertaining. -jimmy-chopsocky

Fave Quote: "He calls his hockey stick the 'Big Tomahawk,' and he usually refers to the opposing players as 'the little scalps'."

You can stream Slap Shot on Netflix.

5. Oldboy (2003)

Watch Oldboy on NetflixOldboy
IMDB Summary: After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in 5 days.

Quick Take: Oldboy takes a hammer and "batters" its equivalents, leaving them as pulped as a chewed up squid. Park Chan Wook skillfully creates a compelling plot that will have you guessing through the entire film, up until the final shocking revelation. Everything about this film is done in style and panache and creates a memorable experience, and has many memorable scenes. -ryuakamrvengeance

Fave Quote: "Revenge is good for your health, but pain will find you again."

You can stream Oldboy on Netflix or Amazon.

6. Let The Right One In (2008)

Watch Let The Right One In on NetflixLet The Right One In
IMDB Summary: Oscar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl who turns out to be a vampire.

Quick Take: I am not particularly fond of the vampire genre, but this movie is so much more. It is artistic, poetic, and in many ways a very profound movie exploring the nature of good and evil. It does so through the world of a child where both pure evil and pure goodness are somewhat discernible, and it achieves an astounding array of contrasts that allow us to see that good and evil can coexist side by side. -crmang

Fave Quote: "I'm twelve. But I've been twelve for a long time."

You can stream Let The Right One In on Netflix or Amazon.

7. Death to Smoochy (2002)

Watch Death To Smoochy on NetflixDeath To Smoochy
IMDB Summary: When he is fired for taking payola, the host for a children's television show plots revenge against his replacement, a rhino named Smoochy.

Quick Take: I've never seen a Danny De Vito film I didn't like, and Smoochy is no exception. Original and creative at every turn, with great performances from Edward Norton, Robin Williams, Catherine Keener, and everyone else in the cast. I smiled and/or laughed through the whole film. What more can you ask from a bent and twisted comedy, I ask you? -Rogue-32

Fave Quote: "Bastard Son of Barney! Die! Die, stuffed ball of fluff! Illegitimate Teletubbie! Die, you Muppet from hell! Die, you foam motherfucker!"

You can stream Death to Smoochy on Netflix.

No longer free. Stream Stripes instead.

8. The Evil Dead (1981)

Watch The Evil Dead on NetflixThe Evil Dead
IMDB Summary: Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.

Quick Take: This is not your typical "zombie" film, let alone your garden variety horror movie as well. The Evil Dead is one of those black comedies / horror movies that overwhelms the audience to either be scared out of their wits or won over by the movie's story and over the top characters. The Evil Dead is what most, if not all horror movies should be, very real and powerful. -caspian1978

Fave Quote: "I don't know what I would have done if I had remained on those hot coals, burning my pretty flesh."

You can stream The Evil Dead on Netflix.

9. Troll 2 (1990)

Watch Troll 2 on NetflixTroll 2
IMDB Summary: A family vacationing in a small town discovers the entire town is inhabited by trolls goblins (FTFY), who plan to eat them.

Quick Take: My sister made me watch this. She insisted it was a contagion, a disease she was compelled to spread. After seeing it, I truly understand, relate, and recommend. It's awful! But a transcendent want to pass it around like milk that might be spoiled, but everyone needs to test it anyway. I've never laughed so much at something that isn't even trying to be remotely comedic; it's a travesty. -fox_tabatha

Fave Quote: "Nilbog! It's goblin spelled backwards! This is their kingdom!"

You can stream Troll 2 on Netflix.

10. World's Greatest Dad (2009)

Watch World's Greatest Dad on NetflixWorld's Greatest Dad
IMDB Summary: A comedy about a man who learns that the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy, and that being lonely is not necessarily the same as being alone.

Quick Take: A dark, smart comedy in the spirit of Rushmore. Very good cast; great soundtrack. He uses very real issues to simply tell a story about the relationship between an ungrateful punk kid and a painfully weak father. World's Greatest Dad is a comedy for adults: insightful, original, uncomfortable at times...hilarious. Robin Williams manages to be miserable, mean, touching, and funny without any conflict at all, an inspired break from his traditional roles. -jimtabery

Fave Quote: "You guys didn't like Kyle. That's okay. I didn't either. I loved him. He was my son. But he was also a douchebag."

You can stream World's Greatest Dad on Netflix or Amazon.

11. The Iron Giant (1999)

Watch The Iron Giant on NetflixThe Iron Giant
IMDB Summary: A boy makes friends with an innocent alien giant robot that a paranoid government agent wants to destroy.

Quick Take: All I can say is, to heck with the box office gross. Despite Warner's appearant desire to pretend the film never existed, the word is getting around about what a magical film this is, and I have no doubt it will join 'It's a Wonderful Life' as a film which bombed in theatres but became a classic over the years. See it now, so you can say you discovered it before everyone else did. -dpenny

Fave Quote: "I am not a gun."

You can stream The Iron Giant on Netflix.

12. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Watch Killer Klowns From Outer Space on NetflixKiller Klowns From Outer Space
IMDB Summary: Aliens who look like clowns come from outer space and terrorize a small town.

Quick Take: If you can't tell what Killer Klowns From Outer Space is about by the title, then this movie isn't for you. Not particularly scary, and not very gruesome, but hugely enjoyable. I've always been a little unsettled by clowns ("It" really did them in for me), and Killer Klowns should seal the deal. -TobyS

Fave Quote: "Killer clowns, from outer space. Holy shit!"

You can stream Killer Klowns from Outer Space on Netflix.

13. Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

Watch Repo! The Genetic OperaRepo! The Genetic Opera
IMDB Summary: A worldwide epidemic encourages a biotech company to launch an organ-financing program similar in nature to a standard car loan. The repossession clause is a killer, however.

Quick Take: There is so much whimsy in this film that it almost becomes an absurdist fairytale. It skips and jumps from one homage to the next, cribbing notes from Rocky Horror in one scene before moving on to Rigoletto in the next. It cuts together the pieces of our collective pop culture consciousness the same way that the antagonists cut together new forms for their bodies. And it's wickedly funny too. -straightovideo

Fave Quote: "I'm the monster. I'm the villain. What perfection. What precision! Keen incisions, I deliver. Unscathed organs, I deliver."

You can stream Repo! The Genetic Opera on Netflix.

14. SLC Punk (1998)

Watch SLC Punk on NetflixSLC Punk
IMDB Summary: In the early 1980's Stevo and Heroin Bob are the only two dedicated punks in conservative Salt Lake City.

Quick Take: If you have ever wanted to just tell the world to F*** off, then this is a movie you should see. Granted, it's not for everyone, there are those who may not be able to look past the language and violence, but that's what being punk is all about. -Graffin

Fave Quote: “If the guy I was then met the guy I am now he'd beat the shit out of me. Those are the facts..”

You can stream SLC Punk on Netflix.

Re: "I want a cool white board for my home office"
(from mitch 8 years, 8 months ago)
I just finished this "picture frame with a secret" whiteboard for my home office. I made the two hinged frames out of solid oak boards I picked up at Home Depot, but you could probably just hinge two normal picture frames together which would save a lot of time cutting, sanding and staining.

Hidden whiteboard - closed
Looks like a normal picture frame...

Hidden whiteboard - opening
Wait, what?

Hidden whiteboard - opened
Ahhh....hello whiteboard!

The whiteboard is from a 4' x 8' sheet of some white coated masonite material that Home Depot has. I cut it down to the size I wanted on my table saw. Also got the plexiglass, magnets and piano hinge at Home Depot.

I picked up the black photo mats at a local craft store, and cut them with a mat cutter. I printed the 110 year old picture of my new hometown on Shutterfly. A little shout-out to the Wellesley Historical Society for tracking it down and scanning it for me!

Took me a few days to make, mostly as I waited for the coats of stain and varnish to dry. The actual cutting, gluing-up, sanding and assembly was completed in a day.

Protip: when picking out wood at Home Depot, make sure and grab not only the most blemish-free oak boards (or maple, pine or poplar, which they also have) but also the straightest stock. Sight down the face and edge of the board to make sure that it isn't twisted, bowed or warped. You'll save yourself a lot of hassle by starting with the straightest boards you can find.

If you build your frames out of hardwood make sure that you pre-drill some pilot holes for the piano hinge screws. Also, dab a little liquid soap on the tip of each screw before inserting and screw them in slowly. I've twisted the head off more than one of those piano hinge screws by over torquing, not drilling a large enough pilot hole and not lubricating the screw.

If anyone wants to take on a similar project, leave a comment and I'll gladly provide more details and measurements.
Re: "I want something to stop my dog from barking"
(from mitch 8 years, 9 months ago)
I'm on my second Lentek dog training device, the first one was defective and would go off every 5 seconds regardless of barking, so I returned it. Amazon certainly makes that easy, which is one reason I love shopping there.

After the first failed attempt with the Lentek bark prevention, I didn't think I'd try them again, however my dog's barking was driving me absolutely bonkers and turning man's best friend into man's biggest annoyance. Since I work at home, having him bark at walkers-by every 10 minutes (who were a good 100 yards away from the house, I might add) was very disruptive to my concentration.

Wile E. Coyote says 'HELP!'
In a fit of desperation I ordered a second device and placed it near the picture window where he likes to sit and survey the world. I really do like having him sit there, I think he enjoys the perch, but the barking is too much!

So, within the first 10 minutes of setting up the Lentek my dog started barking at nothing ... phantom noises he thought he heard, no walkers in sight. The device went off the split-second he barked; it seemed to be squealing before he even got to the apex of his yelp. Where normally he'd work himself into a tither and bark 10 to 15 times in a row, he barked twice and stopped.

Five minutes later, another phantom noise that he felt he just had to respond to. Same thing, a couple barks and he stopped ... another bark ... and stop. My hope is that I will only need to keep this device connected for a week or so to train him to stop barking at everything, with maybe a refresher course every now and then if he slips into his old ways.

The Lentek has a few settings that, in my opinion, make it a good and safe training device. First is a "bark sensitivity" slider. Choices are "high sensitivity" and "low sensitivity". I have mine on low, I don't want any false positives from his normal rambunctious playful growls, only the clearly offending loud barks. I'm guessing the "high sensitivity" setting may be useful for people looking to stop a next door neighbor's dog from barking.

Second is a setting for either "audible tone" (which I can hear) or "ultrasonic" which only my dog can hear. Even though it is annoying to me, I have decided the safe thing is for me to keep it set to "audible". I want to know when the tone is sounding to make sure that, once again, there are no false positives.

So far, in just one hour of using it, I am encouraged. My dog appears to notice and not like the sound. What I like is that I don't have to be the one yelling at him to stop barking, which disassociates me with that particular angry correction and which wasn't effective in stopping the behavior anyhow. There are plenty of other opportunities for me to prove my alpha-dog status to him. In this case, I feel my perpetual yelling at his nonstop barking was harming our relationship and I'm glad that I don't have to be the heavy anymore.

ACME delivery for Wile E. Coyote
I'll update this reply in a few weeks to report back on how he is doing. My dog is napping peacefully again, probably dreaming of a Wile E. Coyote way of getting up onto the counter to disable that infernal alarm.

At least he won't bark when the Acme delivery truck pulls up the driveway :)
Re: "I want a stylish laptop backpack"
(from meggers 8 years, 9 months ago)
Hi mieyun, I hear you on the schoolgirl problem. Who needs to be taken back to those awkward years every time you sling your work laptop over your shoulder? :)

As a smallish person myself, I find that laptop bags are too hard on my shoulders and back. For me, a backpack is a much more comfortable way to haul my Macbook and work papers around after a long day at my restaurant.

I have this Solo leather laptop bag and I really love it. I like the way the leather looks and I suspect it will look better over time as it ages. One caveat, however: the interior compartment is rather small, so if you have a large laptop it may not fit. My 15-inch Macbook fits in fine, though.

Other things I like: the wide backpack straps, all the pockets for holding accessories and the cool blue interior. It's a nice splash of color every time I open up the backpack :)

The customer reviews are very good for this one as well. Hope you are enjoying your Onyx!
Re: "I want book recommendations for 6-year old boys"
(from mitch 8 years, 10 months ago)
Some good book series for boys ages 6 to 8 (some are located in the "Easy" section and some are located in the "Juvenile Fiction" section by author’s name):
  • Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold (E ARNOL)

  • Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown (J FIC BROWN)

  • Arthur books by Marc Brown (E BROWN)

  • Biscuit books by Alyssa Capucilli (E CAPUC)

  • Tales From the House of Bunnicula by James Howe (J FIC HOWE)

  • Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant (E RYLAN)

  • Nate the Great books by Marjorie Sharmat (E SHARM)

  • Encyclopedia Brown books by Donald Sobol (J FIC SOBOL)

  • Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel (E LOBEL)

  • Magic Tree House books by Mary Osborne (J FIC OSBOR)

  • Captain Underpants books by Dav Pilkey (J FIC PILKE)

  • Goosebumps books by R. L. Stine (J FIC STINE)

Obtained from here: - also lists good books for 3 to 5 year old boys.
Re: "I want pricing for a kitchen remodel"
(from SoopahMom 8 years, 10 months ago)
Find Local Kitchen Remodelers

Get free price quotes from the best kitchen remodel companies in your area

Hi Mieyun, having just completed a kitchen remodel I can say that it was both fun and exhilarating as well as challenging and frustrating.

You will lose your kitchen for two months, eat take-out food almost every night, have to deal with ever-present contractors, and be faced with never-ending decisions. And guess what? In the end, you'll have your dream kitchen and think it was all worth it and wonder why you waited so long to do it :o)

We worked with an experienced local kitchen designer who was great about listening to our needs and crafting a few designs for us to look at. She actually had some modeling and design software on her laptop which allowed her to created some virtual kitchen designs for us. Not only was that super cool, but it made our decision making a whole heck-of-a-lot easier!

We ended up paying just under $34,000 to do the following:
  • Replaced a worn laminate countertop with a beautiful red granite countertop

  • Replaced 50's vintage cabinets with new glass-front cherry cabinets with brushed nickel hardware and pulls and

  • Replaced our old single bowl sink with a double bowl undermount stainless steel sink

  • Added a Kokler stainless steel faucet

  • Added a molded copper backsplash topped with a matching glass tile pattern

  • Replaced linoleum floor with hardwood

  • Replaced our old appliances (range, cooktop, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher) with stainless appliances: except the dishwasher and the refrigerator which we had paneled to match the cabinets

Good luck with your kitchen remodel, you'll hate the process but love the results! FYI, we found this kitchen remodeling calculator to be pretty helpful and accurate.

Re: "I want a breadmaker that's easy to use"
(from mitch 8 years, 11 months ago)
We got a Breadman breadmaker for Christmas and have already made many loaves with it. We knew that we would love it, but we've been surprised at how much our kids have enjoyed the hot-from-the-oven bread. We've used it for sandwiches, french toast and just as a side with dinner. Between the four of us, we're going through a loaf every 2 days! Luckily it doesn't cost much money, and certainly doesn't take much effort, to keep popping out delicious new loaves.

Amazon has the Breadman TR875 breadmaker which is rated 4 out of 5 stars (468 customer reviews).

Breadman 2-Pound Breadmaker, Stainless Steel (Price: $99)

What we love about it:
  • Can make 1.5-lb and 2-lb. loaf sizes

  • Has a rapid bake setting which bakes a loaf of bread in about an hour

  • Can make dough for pizza and pasta, and even jam (we haven't tried that yet, but will!)

  • Options for light, medium and dark crust

  • Delay baking timer of up to 15-hours

  • Can make low carb and gluten free breads

  • Has an automatic fruit & nut dispenser

  • Uses convection technology which ensures even cooking
Re: "I want book recommendations for 6-year old boys"
(from mieyun 8 years, 11 months ago)
Okay, after much research poring through recommendations from librarians and listmania scanning, here are the books I got for my nephews. I think each book is part of a book series so if any of the books are a hit with the kids, their parents can get more of them.

Little Bear by Elsa Holmelund Minarik.
I loved this book as a kid myself.

Pirate School by Cathy East Dubowski
They love pirates. No brainer.

Frog and Toad All Year (I Can Read Book 2) by Arnold Lobel
I never read the books myself but this old-school book series seems quite genteel.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey
I remember how the boys in my daughter's class loved this series. Not sure if parents did. Oh well.

Nate The Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Can't skip this book since one of my nephew is named Nate!

Henry And Mudge - The First Book by Cynthia Rylant
A boy and his best friend. A classic book series for early readers.

Bathtime for Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Biscuit and baths can only mean mischief.

Arthur and the Big Snow by Marc Brown
Count me a big fan of the Arthur book and TV series.

Hi! Fly Guy (Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book (Awards) - Tedd Arnold
Personally, I've never heard of the Fly Guy. But I figure if it got an award from the Dr. Seuss folks, the book has to be decently good.
Re: "I want an installer for dog electric fencing"
(from mitch 8 years, 11 months ago)
Find Invisible Dog Fencing Pros

Get free estimates from the best dog electric fencing installers in your area

If you are looking to install wireless invisible dog fencing, you can either do-it-yourself by purchasing a dog fence or hire a professional to do it for you.

If you want to hire someone to do it for you, you can find dog electric fencing installers and get a free cost estimate here.

Alternatively, if you are a do-it-yourself type, Amazon has a number of highly rated wireless dog fence systems that you can install yourself:

SportDOG SDF-100 In-Ground Fence System
  • In-ground fence system for dogs

  • 1,000 feet of wire and 100 flags included; expand area with Wire and Flag Accessory Kit

  • 4 adjustable electric correction levels plus beep and vibrate-only

  • Anti-linger feature keeps dog from pacing boundary's edge

  • Expandable for more dogs with purchase of additional collars

  • Full specs and current price

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300
  • For pets weighing 8 pounds or more

  • Covers an area of up to a 0.5 acres (180-foot diameter)

  • Sends a safe static correction if dog approaches the warning zone

  • Waterproof collar uses a 6-volt battery

  • Full specs and current price

Innotek Ultrasmart Contain and Train
  • In-ground pet fencing and remote training system

  • For dogs 6 months or older

  • Nine levels of correction stimulation plus tone-only mode

  • Includes 500 feet of wire and splice flags

  • Expandable up to 25 acres

  • Rechargeable collar fits pet neck sizes between 8 inches and 24 inches

  • Full specs and current price

Re: "I want a handheld carpet steam cleaner"
(from Kelly 8 years, 12 months ago)
I just picked up the Bissell SpotBot below for cleaning up our dog's accidents. It is very portable and has a great set-it-and-forget-it feature where you just set the cleaner on top of the spot and let it run for about 10 minutes. The brush on the underside of the unit scrubs and sprays and sucks and when you pick it up, the spot is gone!

If you want a highly-rated, hand-held, bestselling, battery powered, affordable carpet cleaner, you should look at the Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner, 1719:
* Price: $40
* Highly rated with 4 out or 5 stars, 180 customer reviews

If you want a highly-rated, plug-in, hand-held spot cleaner, check out the Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Earth-Friendly Deep Cleaner, 1400-7:
* Price: $72
* Highly rated with 4 out of 5 stars, 163 customer reviews

Or the more expensive, more feature packed, more reviewed and highly loved Bissell SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep Carpet Cleaner, 1200B:
* Price: $118
* Highly rated with 4 out of 5 stars, 544 customer reviews

Good luck cleaning!
Re: "I want a handheld carpet steam cleaner"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
Bissell SpotBot console layoutBissell SpotBot console layout
Ah, the joys of dog ownership :)

Unfortunately, my two year old dog still has regular accidents on our rugs. I grabbed the Bissell SpotBot a month or two ago and have used it about a dozen times so far.

What I have found is that I hardly use the automatic scrubber feature (that circular brush in the base) and instead almost always use it in manual mode with the hose and vacuum head.

Bissell SpotBot hand vacuumBissell SpotBot hand vacuum
It's very easy to use, simply push the "manual" button and the vacuum head starts sucking.

There is a trigger on the handle which sprays out a fan of cleaning solution from the reservoir and the waste water gets sucked back into the dirty water reservoir.

Here's how I clean up my dog's urine accidents:
  1. I lay down some Nature's Miracle and let it sit for 10 minutes to neutralize the urine and urine scent

  2. I mix some Bissell 2X Pet Stain cleaner in the SpotBot

  3. I suck up the Nature's Miracle (after the 10 minutes)

  4. I spray down some Bissell cleaner via the vacuum handle and suck that up

  5. I let the spot dry

Works like a charm. Now if only I could better train my dumb dog!
Re: "I want a warm winter jacket for my 10-year old daughter"
(from Penelope 9 years ago)
check out or for good quality at a discount. is great too.
Re: "I want a grooming glove for my dog"
(from bryant 9 years ago)
Dont you think a pooper scooper is needed more????
Re: "I want a warm winter jacket for my 10-year old daughter"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
There are a ton of trusted online options for finding a winter coat for kids. The definitive top-5 list of stylish, grub-resistant 5th-grader outdoor-wear...

#1) Patagonia Down Sweater
(black / Price: $99):
Note: she looked very chic in yours...

#2) The North Face Moonkitty Reversible Down Jacket - Girls' Black
(black / Price: $129):
Note: reversible == cool

#3) Patagonia Down Jacket
(purple plaid / Price: $129):
Note: a bold statement for a bold girl

#4) The North Face Gotham Down Jacket - Girl's
(asphalt grey / Price: $149)
Note: hip, urban, shiny, cool...with a hood!

#5) Teddy bears!
(cuddly brown / Priceless)
Note: I just order one for you, so you could be all matchy!
Re: "I want a sewing machine for my daughter"
(from mieyun 9 years ago)
Here's what I heard from my daughter's sewing class teacher:

"I recommend calling Marion's Sew and Vac in Bellingham (MA) 1-508-883-4777. Ask for Dot. She will be happy to ship a machine out to you for $16. Many of our clients have purchased from her without ever visiting her store and have felt successful.

The recommended machine is the Limited Edition Project Runway Innov-ís 40 by Brother. This machine is rated “a best buy for best combination of performance and price” by Consumer Reports. The cost is $399. Please let us know once you own this machine so that we can have your child using our machine during his/her class time at Sew Easy.

I also recommend a Kenmore sewing machine Model #16231 from Sears. The price is regularly $249 and occasionally goes on sale for $199"
Re: "I want a grooming glove for my dog"
(from mitch 9 years ago)
I just found this "Terrier Palm Pad"

Product Description:
The Hindes Terrier Palm Pad has stiff wire pins set into a rubber, oval shaped palm pad.

Haven't found any in glove form, but this one looks like it would be just as easy to use.
Re: "I want American Girl clothes for Elizabeth & Felicity"
(from wantbox 9 years ago)
I imagine you'll always be able to find the American Girl clothes on eBay, even for retired dolls like Elizabeth and Felicity.


Re: "I want tickets for the Ben Folds concert in Boston"
(from wantbox 9 years ago)
Looks like there are still some tickets available via the Orpheum site:

StubHub has some too:

And, of course, Craigslist:

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