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Re: "I want affordable snowboard boots"
(from wantbox 9 years ago)
Here are a few other popular snowboard boots:

Burton - Hail (White/Gray/Black) - Footwear

Burton - Hail (White/Gray/Black)

thirtytwo Men's Prion Snowboarding Boot

Burton - Mint Women's 2011 (White/Brown/Green) - Footwear

Burton - Mint Women's 2011

DC Phase Men's Snowboard Boots

Burton - Ion 2011 (White/Red/Sliver) - Footwear

Burton - Ion 2011 (White/Red/Sliver)

Burton H.O.D. Snowboard Boots

Re: "I want affordable snowboard boots"
(from katie12 9 years ago)
I just spent my Chinese New Year money on these sweet Burton snowboard boots! OK, so I couldn't have afforded them otherwise, but that's what Chinese Nai-Nai's are for, right :)

Sorry, I don't think they exactly match your "affordable" requirement, but boy are they comfortable!

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