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Re: "I want a portable game device like PSP or DSi"
(from wantbox 8 years, 11 months ago)
Well, according to ConsumerSearch you've identified the top two hand held gaming systems. They dub the Nintendo DSi as the "best hand held game system" and the Sony PSP-3000 as the "best hand held system for serious gamers".

Highlights of the Sony PSP-3000:
* more realistic graphics
* a larger, more challenging and adult-oriented game library
* larger, more crisp 4.3-inch display
* built-in WiFi, Skype and audio/video playback
* slightly lower price
* CON: interlacing artifacts on the screen

Highlights of the Nintendo DSi:
* dual 3.25-inch displays
* dual cameras
* a SD card slot
* access to game downloads at the Nintendo store
* stylus input
* a 1,400 family friendly game library
* CON: slightly higher price

Sony PSP 3000 Core Pack - Black (Price: $130)

Product Features (Edition: Black - Core Pack):
* Can buy in a "Madden NFL 11", "Metal Gear Solid" or "MLB 10: The Show" bundle
* Black PlayStation Portable includes built-in mic
* Built-in WiFi lets you access the Internet
* Watch full-length movies and listen to MP3s and
* Slot for storage expansion

Nintendo DSi - Matte Black (Price: $150)

Product Features (Color: Matte Black | Edition: Standard):
* Largest screen size, best audio quality and thinnest design
* Take pictures using either a front facing or outward facing camera
* Download exclusive games via the Nintendo DSi Shop
* Connect wirelessly to browse the web, play games with friends and share photos

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