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mieyun profile image

I want an installer for dog electric fencing - Wellesley Hills, MA

tags: dog fence invisible fence pets
Posted Dec. 20, 2010 by mieyun (72) +
I have a small two year old dog and a large yard. I need someone to install invisible dog fencing to keep my dog secure in my yard.
mitch profile image

I want a premium, grain-free dog food - San Francisco, CA

tags: dog pet supplies pets
Posted Oct. 28, 2010 by mitch (317) +
Looking for deals and recommendations for a quality, 5 or 6 star rated, grain-free dry food for my 10-lb, 2 year old Havanese.
Kelly profile image

I want to find a local Goldendoodle breeder - Concord, NH

tags: breeder dog goldendoodle
Posted Dec. 1, 2010 by Kelly (30) +
Looking for Goldendoodle puppies for sale from reputable breeders or for rescue dogs from a shelter. Would consider miniature Goldendoodles as well!
mieyun profile image

I want something to stop my dog from barking - Wellesley Hills, MA

tags: barking dog pets training
Posted Nov. 4, 2010 by mieyun (72) +
Nothing that will hurt him, but will teach him not to bark at the mailman, passing car, or every innocent kid who walks by the house!
mieyun profile image

I want a handheld carpet steam cleaner - Wellesley Hills, MA

tags: cleaning dog house pets
Posted Nov. 12, 2010 by mieyun (72) +
I made the mistake of examining one of my carpets under a black light. Looks like my little doggie had some accidents that I didn't know about. Need a small, handheld deep carpet cleaner to clean up.
SoopahMom profile image

I want an invisible fence for my dog - Orlando, FL

tags: dog fence pets
Posted July 14, 2011 by SoopahMom (45) +
I'm looking for someone to install an invisible fence for my small dog. I would like to safely confine her in my back and side yards.
amy profile image

I want a pet turtle - New York, NY

tags: dog pets turtle
Posted Dec. 3, 2010 by amy (22) +
My older son really wants a pet turtle. I sure hope my younger son doesn't eat it like in "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing."
mieyun profile image

I want a grooming glove for my dog - Wellesley Hills, MA

tags: dog grooming pets
Posted Nov. 22, 2010 by mieyun (72) +
I figure, since I'm always petting him, why not groom him at the same time?
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