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I want someone to fix my gas furnace - Cambridge, MA

tags: cold furnace gas heating home... hvac
Posted Feb. 2, 2011 by LauraC (28) +
My natural gas furnace is making a funny clicking noise whenever it turns on. Goes click-click-click an number of times and then sometimes comes on and sometimes doesn't. Help!
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I want to use biofuel for my home and car - Boston, MA

tags: auto car energy furnace heating heating oil
Posted March 15, 2011 by jheyun (49) +
Biofuels are renewable sources of energy using vegetable and other oils. With costs of gas prices going up looking for alternative sources of energy. I have heard that biodiesels or biogas burn cleaner and are much less expensive than traditional gasoline. There are companies that sell biofuel/biodiesel/biogas - wanted to know if it is safe and smart to use.
mitch profile image

I want a home energy audit - Wellesley Hills, MA

tags: audit conservation heating home... insulation snow
Posted Feb. 1, 2011 by mitch (317) +
I'm getting a lot of ice dams on my roof and see areas where snow is melting indicating heat leakage.
jheyun profile image

I want cheap home heating oil so would like to compare... - Boston, MA

tags: heating oil home
Posted Feb. 8, 2011 by jheyun (49) +
Price of heating oil has gone up so much!! So cost of heating my home currently is through the roof! I need a cheap heating oil supplier to save money! Is there an easy way to compare home heating oil prices to find the most inexpensive one? Also how important is service, experience of a company? Should I get a service maintenance plan for my oil burning furnace? Is it a good idea to lock in home heating oil prices, or how about oil price caps? Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated! Thanks
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