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I want a service to install roof heat cables to prevent... - Westport, CT

tags: exterior gutter ice dams roof roofing snow water
Posted Jan. 31, 2011 by BillF (21) +
I have ice dams all over my roof this year and I'm starting to get water leaking into my house. I hear roof heat cables may prevent ice dams and leaking?
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I want to know if my roof will collapse from the snow and... - Boston, MA

tags: ice ice dams roof roofing snow
Posted Feb. 5, 2011 by jheyun (49) +
With all this heavy snow accumulating, ice dams forming, I am worried about my roof collapsing. I heard of roofs of schools and office buldings falling in and injuring people inside. The pitch of my roof is not very steep, and I have a flat area over my porch area. Is there some inspection to know if my roof will not cave in, or if the roof can hold the weight of snow and ice.
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