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HandyAndy profile image

I want a benchtop planer - Great Falls, MT

tags: home... planer power tools shop tools woodworking
Posted Jan. 5, 2011 by HandyAndy (76) +
I need it to handle 12 inch boards at max. Delta, Dewalt or Makita. Not a fan of Bosch or Black and Decker. I'm looking for first-hand recommendations from owners of these models. Thanks.
barbara profile image

I want an electric power shovel - Arlington, MA

tags: power tools shovel snow snow removal snowblower winter
Posted Feb. 5, 2011 by barbara (27) +
I hear the Toro is good. Any recommendations or should I get a real snow thrower? Needed mostly to clear my deck and walkways.
HandyAndy profile image

I want a 3HP 10-inch cabinet saw - Great Falls, MT

tags: home... power tools saw shop tools woodworking
Posted Jan. 4, 2011 by HandyAndy (76) +
I'm ready to turn my old table saw into a dedicated dado cutter and graduate to a big boy cabinet saw. Anyone have recommendations?
amykim profile image

I want a 10-inch compound miter saw - Needham, MA

tags: power tools saw shop tools
Posted Dec. 23, 2010 by amykim (25) +
I need to get a miter saw as a gift for my friend. He has a couple Dewalt tools which he likes, but he also said Hitachi, Delta, Makita or Bosch would do. He's promised to make me something with it, what should I ask for?
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